Skin Spa

Eyelash Extensions

Awake as glamorous as a Hollywood resident. Tailored to flatter your natural eye shape, eyelash extensions enhance your raw beauty.

Our highly skilled eyelash technicians individually apply lashes in this intricately delicate treatment, all whilst you soak up the calming ambience. Relish in your minimal, no mascara, and beauty regimen for up to six weeks.

New Extensions (semi permanent)
80 Minutes
LE 800
Refill & Rebalance (Between 2 to 3 Weeks)
45 Minutes
LE 400
Refill & Rebalance (Between 3 to 4 Weeks)
50 Minutes
LE 500
Lash Removal (Complimentary with new set)
25 Minutes
LE 200

Stick-On Lashes (One time use)

Strip (Classic)
10 Minutes
LE 150
Strip (Glamor)
10 Minutes
LE 200
40 Minutes
LE 250

Brow Tinting

15 Minutes
LE 150
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